Floor displays, counter display, sub-assemblies PMMA, PS, PET, PC, PVC



The founding of MDP is in response to persistent queries from P.O.P / P.O.S business partners to find solutions for a market that is becomingmore competitive and demanding.


We produce only for P.O.P/POS design agencies, manufacturers and other companies linked to P.O.P. / P.O.S We do not seek business directly from Consumer Marketing companies.

The success of your project

depends on four different objectives:
- Competitive price
- Quality of production
- Short lead times
- Careful tracking of every detail of production, from start to finish
In answer to these requirements we created MDP three years ago


- Central location in Ukraine atEurope Union’s door; highly qualified staff; performancestandardsup to the quality of the Europeanmarket at a verycompetitive price.
- Modern, state-of-the-art production equipment:CNC routing, laser cutting, bending, polishing, digital and silk screen printing, gluing, lamination, assembly… - Production teams able to take full charge of your project, from assembly to quality control and packaging according to your standards.
- Engineering department whichcancreate 3D or 2D production drawings of your project according to your requirements.
- Dedicated Project Manager basedinUkraine or France,to answer any questionsabout your project(taking briefs, organizing order, production and delivery).
- Organization which can answer your price inquiry in three to five days, according to complexity of the project, provide a mock-up in ten days, manufacture and deliver in four to six weeks on average. We also take control of all administrative procedures and customs formalities, which will save you any problems right up to final delivery.

Починаючи співпрацю з нами ви можете розраховувати на:

- Опрацювання вашого замовлення протягом 3-5 днів (в залежності від складності проекту)
- Виготовлення прототипу протягом 5-10 днів (в залежності від складності проекту)
- Виробництво готової продукції і доставку до замовника протягом 4-6 тижнів (в залежності від складності проекту і об’єму замовлення)
- Для упаковки і доставки продукції використовуються тільки палети які відповідають міжнародній класифікації згідно системи NIMP15.
- Наша компанія організовує вирішення всіх адміністративних питань повязаних з митними процедурами в найкоротші терміни.
Try us. In a market as competitive as P.O.P / P.O.S we will help you to make difference.

Production Capacity

- Milling cutting
- Laser cutting
- Hot bending (folding)
- Vacuum hot forming
- Polishing
- Digital printing
- Silk screen printing
- Hot stamping
- Lamination
- Assembling operations

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